About us

Founded in 1996 Embarque Turismo Ltda. is a travel agency specialized in destinations in Brazil and worldwide. It has direct negotiation with the main airlines in the market and with several hosting providers worldwide. It also works as a tour operator, as it has specific rates for this segment. It develops its own travel packages and also sells third party packages, always with quality assurance.
With Embarque it is also possible to purchase car rental services, consular visas, travel insurance, tickets to parks and shows, language courses abroad, among others. Our audiences are individuals and companies through our corporate sector.
To ensure that everything goes as planned, we have a large specialized, qualified and efficient team that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Now, we offer on our website the possibility to purchase online through credit cards, with special rates.
Since the beginning of our activities, we have acted with seriousness, honesty, specialty, and above all, respect and boldness in innovation. We always value the quality of service, being always ready to meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of customers.